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Created 7 years ago by joe

Hi Guys,

I wanted to create a page that pulled data from a stream, in this instance a team page. There would be listing of people from a stream, and clicking on one would open a new page with all of their details pulled from the stream.

Has anyone tried doing something like this before?

ryanthompson  —  7 years ago Best Answer


1.) Make your listing page and use the entries plugin function to loop your entries (Im still moving those docs up to new system but entries(namespace, stream).get() should get you started). You can also chain query builder type methods in there.

2.) Make a child page and make sure that the option "Requires Exact URI Match" is OFF. Then you can pass an ID or something into the URI too and get it with {{ request_segment(#) }} using the entry function similar to above. entry(namespace, slug).find(request_segment(3)).

joe  —  7 years ago

Thanks Ryan, that's super helpful - exactly what I need!