Query where clause not working because of translatable fields.
Created 6 years ago by gonziis
{% set title = request_get("title") %}
{% set query = entries("leemumi", "leemumi") %}
{% if not title is empty %}
    {% set query = query.where("name","LIKE","%" ~ title ~ "%") %}
{% endif %}
{% set decisions = query.paginate() %}

This shows an error because there isn't an actual name field. Translatable fields are in different table, but how can I access them conveniently? Also I'm trying to do this in twig.

gonziis  —  6 years ago

Also how to use where clause with many-to-many relationships in pyro? Laravel would use whereHas, but nothing is mentioned in https://pyrocms.com/documentation/streams-platform/1.3/plugin/entries