kiltedup - 1 year ago


Currently adding some additional filters to a table and for any filter that is not 'search', adding properties such as 'heading', 'query', 'filter' etc throws a class not found error. Are these available on fields other than 'search' ????

e.g. protected $filters = [ 'title' => [ 'heading' => 'Just Testing', ] ];

results in : ReflectionException thrown with message "Class title does not exist"

ryanthompson - 1 year ago

Hmm.. try setting 'filter' => 'filter'

Should guess that automatically so I will have to checkout the normalizer / guessers for filters but that is what it wants ^_^

ryanthompson - 1 year ago

If you could please throw this into an issue as well and I will look into it later tonight!