TableBuilder Views
Created 6 years ago by girvydas

I have question about your commit at streams-platform TableBuilder command BuildTable

Hi, I have question for Ryan, why you moved BuildViews and SetActiveView before SetTableOptions and SetDefaultTableOptions ? example /core/anomaly/files-module/src/File/Upload/UploadTableBuilder.php has option ‘enable_views’, but it is never executed.

In my situation I needed to remove users module “tab views”. I solved this with hooks: public function onReady() { $this->setTableOption(‘enable_views’, false); }

Maybe anyone can explain what this ("Fix issue where views were not able to modify optoins") commit fixed? And maybe it is worth to reset this commit?

girvydas  —  6 years ago

vendor/anomaly/streams-platform/src/Ui/Table/Component/View/ViewBuilder.php line 52 if ($builder->getTableOption('enable_views') === false) {return;}

Changing getTableOption to getOption fixes all problems. Is this ok?