Outputs of page inputs
Created 6 years ago by eigotec

I am making a theme and would like to add a couple of inputs to my page type in the backend of the CMS. In my template i'm using {{ entry.infoboxheadline1.value }} to try and get the value of one text input. This is just returned as blank. My page is using the correct page type and all seems to be good, i just can't get the value of inputs in to my template. If anyone knows an answer or a link to some documentation it'd be appreciated. Thanks!

eigotec  —  6 years ago Best Answer

Ok, so anyone following this it was basically as simple as {{ template.page.infoboxheadline1 }} Basically, template.page. Also, 'template' is not the name of your template and 'page' is not the name of your page.