A powerful new way to build admin themes for PyroCMS 3.
Created 7 years ago by adnan

Hi all,

Welcome to a new way to build admin themes for PyroCMS 3,

Web Semantics, Inc. PyroCMS 3 Admin Theme

Ok, after releasing Stone Theme, I quickly realized that it is missing many features I would've liked to have besides having a sidebar. For example, 1- Being able to switch back to the classic PyroCMS theme layout, 2- An easier way to skin (including adding new CSS rules) without having to build an entire theme, and most importantly 3- Building on top of what the official PyroCMS theme have already ... let's no reinvent the wheel. The Stone Theme was a stopgap measure towards the real thing,

So my answer to all of that was a new Pyrocms Theme. The reason for the matching name is to acknowledge the fact that, this theme is a true extension for the original PyroCMS theme. In fact, PyroCMS theme is a required package for this theme to work. All the new CSS rules are built using the same variables and considering the original rules. The original theme javascript files haven't been touched and used to the max (for example using the push.js for the sidebar), while adding new functions if required.

I'm working towards releasing this either end of day today or tomorrow. I am very excited about this theme and I hope it will be very useful for everyone who loves and daily work with the awesome PyroCMS 3. Thanks @Ryan for such an incredible platform.

Will update soon,

Ps, if you liked the animation, here's a quick how-to guide, SVG Line Animation for the Uninitiated 😄

ryanthompson  —  7 years ago

This is wicked cool!

william  —  7 years ago

I am so looking forward to this!