Un-bootstraping Admin
Created 7 years ago by adnan


I'm building an Admin theme for Pyro 3 using Semantic-UI framework,

Changing the theme markup for the new CSS framework isn't an issue but the trick - I think - will be the markup of the many plugins/addons, form/table builders that generate Twitter Bootstrap code,

I have few ideas in-mind, for example overriding the views of these classes which I think will work! If that was the only way, I wonder where should these new views live? (inside the theme, a specialized module/extension)?

Have anyone done this before, .. and if yes, any tips would be very much appreciate it 😄

Thanks everyone,

ryanthompson  —  7 years ago

Cool! There was once upon a time that PyroCMS 3 was using Semantic. But.. alas, though I loved it, I had to err on the side of mass majority. Plugin support for one 🙍

Regarding the best way to approach this.. I would include all the Streams Platform views in your theme. As overrides. This would leave only field type input views left as most people override module views and the like anyways.

For field types I would try and apply styling to the generic bootstrap stuff typically found. form-control for example. While I could allow overriding the default input class - many have others as well. Then the form group.. it's a bit of work.

You could also override those field types as well. But better make sure this is one damn awesome theme cause that's a lot of work that will need a pay-off!

adnan  —  7 years ago

Thanks for the comprehensive answer Ryan, ..

Semantic-ui all the way .. and yes, the theme will be AWESOME, so worth it, ..

I can do all of that, but but it would be nice if we can override field type views without having to create shadow addons just to alter the views, hhm .

Here we go, .. holding breath .. stand-by, ... jump .. dive .. ·.¸¸.·´¯·.¸¸.¤ ~ splash .·.¸¸.·´¯·.¸¸.¤ ~

ryanthompson  —  7 years ago

The ASCII king!

Do you have any other ideas for overriding that may be simpler? Either way - it's a lot of overriding. That's why it might be worth thinking up something more clever.. but I don't know what that would be just yet.

adnan  —  7 years ago
                                                         / \
                                    \/                            ( last call \
                                                                   \_  ________)
                                                   |~ ~ ~            |/
                                                   |~ ~ ~     \\     /           
                          /\                       |_        < "_)         
                                                  /_ |       / /                         /\ 
                                  )\      _,--,  ||_| \_    /#/
                                  "\"-._.oo ' __  \     `-_/(/
                                    "-.___. ./   \  ''-.. /#/
                                          \__    /       \\)/\
                                            |   |        |   |            

                                ~ ~    Get Onboard Before It is Too Late ~ ~ 

Haha, ... ASCII is too much fun to make, .. and it involves quite a bit of "borrowing" 😄

One thought comes to mind from a recent chat, regarding PyroCMS Admin theme variables.php config file which is shared / accessible across the platform, .. a common knowledge of sort,

So far Pyro has done a nice job making addons loosely coupled, with minimum knowledge required between the core parts, .. one way to come at this is by providing a shared resource, .. maybe a common resources folder that cascades like CSS, .. well, admittedly, this can get hairy quite quickly, ..

I will give it more thought as I'm going through the process of skining the Admin theme,

adnan  —  7 years ago

Following up, I decided against this move as Bootstrap 4 seems very impressive to abandon .. but I did built an Admin them which I might Open Source at some point,