Using javascript in navigation from admin panel
Created 7 years ago by localghost

Who knows how to insert JavaScript code in the link through the admin panel. To use animated scrolling inside page . Example a onclick="$('header').animatescroll({padding:71});"

ryanthompson  —  7 years ago

I would approach this a little differently. I would for example use the class field available there and add a class like scroll-71. Then your JS can listen for clicks on those links and use the class and split on - and get the pixel value.

OR.. better yet, just use URLs with #foo in them and named targets and animate the scrolling automatically.

Hope this helps!

localghost  —  7 years ago

Thank you very much. And can you explain in detail how to implement it.

localghost  —  7 years ago

The fact that the entire scrolling process uses javascript code. If you want I can provide a full html code