Help with cached content
Created 7 years ago by eflames


I have a minimal issue with a new project. I am working on my custom theme but now when i update the page content (a twig code editor field type) cant see the changes. I tried some artisan commands like: route:clear, assets:clear, twig:clean, views:clear, cache:clear, streams:cleanup and httpcache:clear hehe but nothing happens. What else i need?

Thanks and sorry for my english 😛

ryanthompson  —  7 years ago Best Answer

Hmm.. enable debug mode and checkout the path directly under the editor input. That's where your storage file is located. It should be syncing like this:

(When in debug mode)
Changes from the database are pushed to the file
Changes from the file are pushed to the database

(When NOT in debug mode)
Changes from the database are pushed to the file ONLY

eflames  —  7 years ago

Oh thank you Ryan!!.. This is the first laravel tool that the creator answer my issues!! hehe...

Look... i found the error... My editor field type was in HTML language, i changed to TWIG today but in the path that you told me was 2 files.... the editor.html and editor.twig... i deleted the html one and solved.. hehe thank you man and sorry for my english again.

I do really like this CMS but i'm learning how to use it with your videos step by step.

constantin47  —  6 years ago