jonnyporter - 5 days ago

We look after a number of websites that are still running PyroCMS v2. We think there are some security vulnerabilities with them. Some are 2.2.5 which I believe are the latest on the 2 branch, and one or two others are slightly older. I am led to believe that the codeigniter that was included with Pyro 2 had known vulnerabilities. So just looking to get them secure preferably without loads of work. What would be the best course of action.. To patch them up to date as far as possible on 2 branch and try and fix the codeigniter problems, maybe doing this ourselves if there is no patch. Port them onto PyroCMS 3 - if so what is the process for this, is there any guidance docs, or is it basically a full replatforming job?

Any advice or links to further help gratefully received. Jonathan