php issues with PyroCMS v2?

salyj - 8 months ago

I've been running into an issue with PyroCMS lately where it is changing, and breaking, a PHP script that is supposed to be run within a javascript. The script runs fine locally, but when I attempt to put it online through Pyro, it changes the opening and closing PHP tags. Before upload it all looks like this: <? php (without space) //a bunch of php code ? > (without space)

but after upload it gets changed to: <!--?php //a bunch of php code --?&g t; (without the space, because the forums is converting that into a '>' as it should)

Is there a way to make it not do that? my script doesn't run at all because the server doesn't even recognize it as a script. I have tried amending the document with jquery to include my script. I have tried moving the php script out of the javascript.

ryanthompson - 8 months ago

From what I remember of v2 it always did this. Not sure why it would change all of a sudden :-/