Creating a Field Type

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Developing field types in Pyro is a piece of cake. To get started run the make:addon command:

php artisan make:addon your_company.field_type.example

The above command will create a new addon in the /addons/{reference}. From here you can continue building up your field type.

Field Type Class

The make:addon command will create an empty field type class that looks like this:

<?php namespace YourCompany\ExampleFieldType;

use Anomaly\Streams\Platform\Addon\FieldType\FieldType;

class ExampleFieldType extends FieldType


We will explore this class in more detail later!

Title and Name

You can edit the field type's title (short), name (full), and description in the /resources/lang/{locale}/addon.php file.

Service Provider

You will also notice that a service provider is created as well. You can read more about using service providers in the service providers section.