Addon Locations


Addons can be located in a few different locations. Below we will go over each location and the purpose of addons found there.

Vendor Directories

Within each of the below addon locations, addons will reside within their own vendor directory as well. The vendor directory represents who made it. Similar to Composer's vendor directory. Vendor directories must be snake_case. For example - all our first part addons will be located with either anomaly, pyrocms, or ryan_thompson.

Core Addons

Any addon that is included in your composer.json file will be downloaded into the /core directory. Core addons are considered a dependency of your installation and should not be committed to your VCS.


Shared Addons

All addons that are located within the /addons/shared directory will be accessible by all applications within your single PyroCMS installation. For example if you run 5 websites off of a single Pyro installation, all websites will be able to use both core addons and those found within /addons/shared.


Application Addons

Addons located within the /addons/{reference} directory, where {reference} is your application reference (defined during install; most likely default) will be accessible only to the specified application.