Creating a Theme


Developing themes in Pyro is super easy!

To get started run the make:addon command:

php artisan make:addon my_client.theme.awesome

Done! Almost...

The above command will create a new addon in the /addons/{reference}. You will notice too that the theme has been scaffolded for you with Bootstrap, Font-Awesome, jQuery, Vue, a default layout, and some convenient partials. You can activate the theme and load your website to check it out.

From here you can either delete what you don't need or tweak it to your liking and continue building a full theme!

Creating an Admin Theme

To create an admin theme follow the exact same process as above. Afterward open up the ExampleTheme.php file and add protected $admin = true;. That's it!

Activating Your Theme

To activate your theme login to your control panel and head to the Settings area. In System settings scroll down to the Public Theme and Admin Theme options and specify the theme you would like to use.

Locking the Theme Option

You can also activate a theme in your .env file. Doing so will lock the option in the Settings area.

To activate a public theme:


To activate an admin theme: