Artisan Commands

addon = the addon dot-namespace OR slug

Streams Platform

The following commands are specific to the Streams Platform in general.


addon:install addon                 Install an addon.
addon:publish addon                 Publish an the configuration and translations for an addon.
addon:reinstall addon [--seed]      Reinstall an addon.
addon:uninstall addon [--seed]      Uninstall an addon.


assets:clear         Clear compiled public assets.


db:seed [--addon=[addon]]          Seed the database with records

Environment Variables

env:set KEY=value          Set an environmental value.


make:addon addon [--shared]       Create a new addon.
make:stream stream addon          Make a streams entity namespace.


migrate [--addon=[addon]]               Run all migrations.
migrate:refresh [--addon=[addon]]       Reset and re-run all migrations
migrate:rollback  [--addon=[addon]]     Rollback the last database migration


streams:cleanup      Cleanup abandoned streams data.
streams:compile      Compile streams entry models.
streams:destroy      Destroy a namespace.
streams:publish      Publish configuration and translations for streams platform.

Common Variations

The following commands will help you out of common/sticky situations:

Force Compiling Streams

If you have a boot error due to missing models that need to be generated the following will disable the boot system, compile the models, and re-enable the system:

// Update your .env variable: INSTALLED=false
php artisan streams:compile
// Revert your .env variable: INSTALLED=true

Clearing Public Assets Only

Instead of cleaning all assets you can clear a specific directory inside your app's public assets directory:

php artisan asset:clear public