Generally speaking, upgrading Pyro versions is an identical process every time. In concept, we are doing two things:

  1. Updating our dependencies via composer.
  2. Running core and addon migrations.

However, there are a few things in between that can help alleviate small issues that tend to arise when upgrading. Let's take a look at a solid upgrade process that should get you from version X to version Y with ease!

Update Dependencies

First make sure your project's composer.json is inline with the version of PyroCMS you are upgrading to. Pay attention to areas like the require, require-dev, repositories, extra, and config definitions. But be sure to inspect the entire file closely.

After getting things aligned just run composer update.

Run Migrations

Next run core migrations as well as all addon migrations with the following commands:

php artisan migrate --path=vendor/anomaly/streams-platform/migrations/application
php artisan migrate --all-addons

Clean Up

Lastly it's a good idea to clear up cached items:

php artisan assets:clear
php artisan cache:clear
php artisan view:clear
php artisan twig:clear

Check Overrides

After you finish upgrading and clean up cache you will want to take a look at your overrides.

Published Addons

When you run addon:publish to override the addon it's always a good idea to remove / delete EVERYTHING you do not need to override. This will help prevent subtle breaking changes to configs or views that should not, but may occur.

Check any files that you are extending or overriding to make sure that they still satisfy the interface being overridden. Again this is less likely in minor updates but always good to know what to look for should anything happen!

Reporting Issues

If you find an issue when updating please bring it to our attention right away by submitting an issue to https://github.com/pyrocms/pyrocms/issues.