Addons Module v2.2

Ryan Thompson Releases

While essential, the addons module has never been very cool. We are really excited for this update though!


  • OTA addon downloads, updates, and removals via Composer.
  • Let's you know when and what addons are out of date.
  • Simplified management permissions.

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OTA Management

Over-the-air addon management is a pretty awesome feature but often frowned upon by developers. In a production environment you usually don't want the source code changing. Addon dependencies need to be considered too. On the other hand it can be a fantastic tool to scaffold your project and explore what the system has to offer.

The OTA features of the Addons module automatically disable in production environments except for addon updates. You can change this behavior through configuration / settings though to disable completely or enable OTA features in production environments.

OTA features utilize Composer in the background so it's very safe to use. Requirements are considered as well as version constraints (defaulting to SEMVER). Updates will not upgrade beyond your constraints either.

Out of the box you will see our first party repository as well as community and active development repositories. Active development repositories will again be disabled by default in production environments.

Versioning and OTA Changes

Since the OTA features use Composer that means that your composer.json will be modified. This makes it easy to build out your website or application in your dev environment and commit changes run a remote composer update to mirror your production environment.

Contributing Addons

One of the biggest driving purposes in this update was to make it make it easier to see what addons are available in the ecosystem and see what addons are currently being developed.

If you would like to add your own addon to the community repository just send us a pull request:

Paid Addons

Currently the community repository doesn't handle paid addons as we don't have mechanisms in place to automate VCS permissions on GitHub and the likes. We are quickly completing our solution to this and will make it available to addon developers to allow them to more easily generate revenue and visibility through this channel.


Easy! Update your project's composer.json to require the new version.

- Ryan