Blocks Module v1.0

Ryan Thompson Releases

The concept of "blocks of content" is not new. Heck the first "widget" for Wordpress was created back in 2004. Pyro 3 already has repeaters and grid field types that can be used to provide that type of capability. But as a developer who cranks out websites and maintains a business/software that's keen to broaden it's audience to management and non-devs as well improve processes for it's primary developer audience.. I had some problems that needed solving.

How can I build sites faster and more consistently that are even easier for clients and my team to manage? And how can I do this while maintaining crazy customization, versatility, and control for developers that Pyro is known for?

Enter the blocks system!


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Build with Blocks

Blocks essentially compartmentalize content and functionality into installable extensions called "blocks". Blocks can be dropped into static pre-defined areas like a footer, sidebar, etc. Or they can be created dynamically through the blocks field type on any stream object (which.. is anything and everything).

Distributed Features

Because blocks are extensions they can be distributed through the ecosystem and reused over and over. High consistency and low effort. No more scaffolding and deploying grids through migrations and seeders. Just install the block and go.

Ultimate Control & Versatility

Blocks are dispersed through a field type so they can be dropped into/onto anything. They're an extension so they can be extended and overridden completely. Blocks can harness streams for rich, complex structural needs.

Looking Forward

We see blocks as being the future of content organization and control in Pyro so we've made it FREE. It's incredibly easy to create blocks so get to it and submit to have it included in the community addons repository! Check out the blocks documentation for more information on how to install, build, and use blocks.

Initial Block Releases

Below are a few of the initial blocks we've created and made available that are ready to rock and roll.

In Development

Among many many others (expect weekly releases at least as I start building out sites with it) the following blocks are soon to release:

  • Social Share Buttons
  • Social Follow Buttons
  • Layout Block (PRO/paid)

I am really excited to see what comes of blocks! I personally start my first block powered project today.

Questions in the comments! Enjoy ^_^

- Ryan