Boolean Field Type v2.3

Ryan Thompson Releases

Huge thanks to William Åström at Pixney for the SCSS work and leading the charge on this update. Also big thanks to @piterden for helping me with native Javascript replacements of what would be jQuery code.

Dropped jQuery

We are working on dropping jQuery dependencies across the board. The input is now a pure CSS switch and the javascript has been made native for the ajax toggle often used in tables.

Dropped Bootstrap

We are also working on removing tight Bootstrap coupling and this update does that up to 99%. We have a handful of contextual variable names left in use but more on that in a later post.

Dropped Icon Input

Aside from the presenter's icon method there was an icon input view that was unused elsewhere and undocumented. I doubt anyone out there was using it as it was well hidden but be warned. It's been canned as well.


Easy! Update your project's composer.json to require the new version.


- Ryan