Comments Module v1.0

Ryan Thompson Releases

Our newest PRO addon, the Comments module, is a drop-in commenting engine. Add comments to your blog, documentation, videos, custom addons, and/or anything in between all filtered and moderated and all managed in one area.

Multiple Channels

Maintain multiple commenting channels per discussion as needed. Can be used for example as public/private comments or as categories per discussion.

Comments Everywhere

Any and all comments area all managed through one comments section where you can monitor and moderate as needed.

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Community Discussions

Users can follow discussions and mention other users.

Keep tabs on discussions and jump to them from the discussions section in your control panel.

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Extension Based

The filtering and moderation systems are powered by extensions with a simple content filter and whitelist moderator extension suggested to start:

Your Comments

It's nice owning your comments and owning the API behind them. The Comments module can be dropped into your site as is or integrated into your custom addons.

To get started check out the documentation:

PRO developers can find our private repository here:

- Ryan