Image Field Type v1.3

Ryan Thompson Releases

We've given our Image field type some much needed love! This is a minor update but corrects some critical issues.

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Click to Crop

Images will on longer initialize a cropper by default. The behavior is very similar to the file field type and you now click "Crop" to initialize a cropper to work with the image.

This change fixes a slew of issues that bubbled up from the field type being loaded asynchronously in repeaters, grids, and also addresses issues that occurred when the field type was in a non-open tab within the form. All in all the behavior is much more reliable now.

By avoiding the cropper UI initially we also save a lot of screen real estate!


All you need to do is update your project's composer.json to require the new version:

"anomaly/image-field_type": "~1.3.0"

- Ryan