Image Gallery Block v1.0

Ryan Thompson Releases

The Image Gallery Block makes it super easy to drop in a customizable image gallery in no time. Customize the layout with built-in options or configure and choose from multiple different themes and style the markup.

Powered by Light Gallery

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All the options you need

We've incorporated all of the most popular options without bloating the block. Easily configure the layout and sizing to fit within your design area.

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Highly customizable appearance and options

Blocks are powered by extensions so you can override absolutely everything. Out of the box the simple gallery markup is ready to style.

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This is a PRO addon so you will need an active PRO membership to access it.

To download simply require the addon with Composer and install it the same as you would any other extension:

composer require anomaly/image_gallery_block-extension

php artisan addon:install anomaly.extension.image_gallery_block


- Ryan