Includes Extension v1.0

Ryan Thompson Releases

I don't know about everyone else but I used to get asked a lot about adding a this or that tag to websites pretty often by management. Since we use VCS for all our projects and theme assets were off limits to non-developers it meant I had to switch gears real quick, add the code, then commit and deploy it. This happened enough that you would think I would have built it into the theme every time but alas.. my mind is a stubborn one.

So I built the Includes Extension based on this newish feature. The Includes Extension let's admins or managers include scripts or remote assets safely via the addon's preferences. This extension adds includes to the default head and scripts slots.


To get started just pull it in with composer and install:

composer require anomaly/includes-extension
php artisan addon:install anomaly.extension.includes

If you have any ideas for more addons along this line feel free to share them in the comments or submit them to our community addons repository!

- Ryan