Introducing Repeater and Grid Field Types

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Content management just stepped up a notch with the Repeater and Grid field types!

Repeater Field Type

The Repeater field type allows you to create data structures for a single repeatable stream in your forms.

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Grid Field Type

The Grid field type is very much the same as Repeater but allows you to create data structures for a any number of repeatable streams in your forms.

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Choose the type of row you would like to add - customizable by you:

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Managing Repeatable Streams

Both field types come with built in management of repeatable streams. Grid will also let you define which if not all of the repeatables are enabled for a given field.

How to Install

The Repeater field type is 100% FREE and can be downloaded via composer.

The Grid field type is a paid addon and can be included via composer for PRO developers using composer's VCS repositories and our GitHub URL or downloaded from our addon store

VCS Example for PRO Developers

"require": {
    "anomaly/grid-field_type": "~1.1.0"
"repositories": [
        "type": "vcs",
        "url": ""