Introducing the PyroCMS Store

Ryan Thompson Releases

We are super excited to release the first addon store for PyroCMS since v2!

A huge thank you to @BrennonLoveless for orchestrating everything!

The new store is powered by Magento and will help provide availability to our paid addons and also fulfill the many requests to sell addons from other developers within our community.

There are 40+ paid addons to be added to the store the coming weeks.

They will be announced as released and documented!

I welcome developers to contact me regarding selling their own addons at [email protected]. I can answer any questions you might have and help you get started.

Pre-sale Changes

Pre-sale buyers have had access to ALL of our 40+ paid addons for some time now and as promised, as addons go up on the store one-by-one the repository access will be removed for each starting Monday the 12th.

If you are interested in retaining unlimited access to all private / paid addons please ask me about our $99/month developer subscription. Otherwise feel free to use the store for any licenses you need for future projects!

PyroCMS e-Commerce

We are and have been actively working on our own ecommerce suite which is still making progress and will replace this store before too long. Updates on that front will continue!