New Videos and Moving to YouTube

Ryan Thompson Guides

After a hiatus of producing videos I have realized the cause of my mental production block. It's tedious and distracting to pre-plan and pre-organize and pre-layout and pre-prep videos! I realized while watching one of my favorite woodworkers Frank Howarth on YouTube that I want to narrate what I am working on and plan videos around that instead of forcing myself into a curriculum type path of planning.

I also noticed that I spend a large amount of time on YouTube for my education in woodworking and other hobbies and have never once visited Vimeo in the last.. well since I stopped making videos for Pyro. So.. the choice to publish new material and re-recorded old material to YouTube was obvious. That's where people learn, that's where I learn, and I want to teach people how to use Pyro in the most effective way possible.

I will be posting new material to but by all means subscribe to my old/new YouTube channel where I'll be posting everything:

- Ryan