Partials Module v2.1

Ryan Thompson Releases

The Partials module let's you create multiple types of structured content within the control panel. Each type of partial supports it's own set of custom fields similar to the pages module for example. You can then create and manage named partials and include them in your content with the Partial Block or Relationship Field Type.



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To get started simply require the addon with composer and assign it to your stream or include it in your block like you would any other field:

composer require anomaly/partials-module

php artisan addon:install anomaly.module.partials

Template Block

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You can include the new partial block as well by installing it in the same manner. This will let users choose a partial to include using the "lookup" UI.

composer require anomaly/partial_block-extension

php artisan addon:install anomaly.extension.partial_block


- Ryan