PyroCMS 3 - Beta1

Ryan Thompson Releases

Time to get your hands dirty!

4000+ commits and a long hard year of development is finally starting to pay off! PyroCMS 3 has been tagged 3.0-beta1, get it while it's hot (literally)!

How does Beta1 work?

I am taking the Beta1 release and using it as an opportunity to go over every single addon with a fine tooth comb as I document it. I don't expect many changes to the Streams Platform core but I do expect a lot of little tweaks and additions to the core addons. Already the Posts module has had a few fields added to it, typos corrected, routes added, etc.

Beta1 is all about the DETAILS!

As I document addons and the core platform, I am constantly on the look out for any fine details that are missing.

One of the toughest issues with version 3 is that we already have a version 2.x with years of work and attention behind it. I am trying to make sure we retain as much of that functionality and detail, even though everything is a 100% rewrite. Expect lots of little patches which composer update should keep you up to date on just fine throughout the Beta1 release cycle.

Missing Addons

There are a few simple addons that are missing from Beta1:

  • Comments Module
  • Search Module

Expect these soon as they are essentially done and in testing.

Premium Addons

Pre-orderers will be notified regularly as premium addons are included. I've already started progress on the store but pre-orderers will receive GitHub access until the store launches in the Beta2 / RC1 release period.

Until then if you have any questions or concerns at all please don't hesitate to reach out to me in our Slack team!

What about Beta2?

After I get through all of the documentation, all of the addons will have had their final inspection and any pertinent changes will have been made. At this time I will bump all addons to v1.1.0 and get a development branch going for everything. Until then we're rocking the master branch.

Beta2 will be all about thrashing the system with use and making sure it's ready for an RC. After a brief stay in Beta2 I will tag an RC1 and assuming we've done a good job on Beta1 and 2. I will release 3.0.0 from there!

Pre-Order Enterprise Special

Thank you!! The pre-orders from you guys have been amazing and have been much appreciated during the development process these last few months. Because I would like to keep as much support going forward as I can for development during the last stretch, I am prolonging the Pre-Order Special until the store is closer to launch.

Final Thoughts

While there is still a bit of work left, I am finding it exponentially easier and faster to wrap things up as I no longer have to worry about making huge decisions on the core platform and addons, they're pretty much all there and again, only some details are left!

I have lots of documentation for a the Pages Module, Posts Module, and Streams Platform I am trying to finish up today and push.

We're on the final stretch!

- Ryan