PyroCMS v3.7-beta2

Ryan Thompson Releases

PyroCMS v3.7-beta2 marks a noteworthy step towards aligning efforts with the upcoming 4.0 release. We've replaced problematic search indexes, updated Laravel, and tightened up upload storage practices.


Please refer to the upgrade guide for mode detailed information on upgrading your applications. The guide has been updated to reflect the changes that have occurred.

Change Logs

The PyroCMS change log and the Streams Platform change log both contain vital information regarding recent changes.

Laravel 5.8

We've updated Laravel and related packages in the Streams Platform requirements.

Search Module

We've ripped out TNT Search as a default Scout driver and now ship with our own search adapter.

Private Storage Adapter

The default Local Storage Adapter has been replaced with the Private Storage Adapter. These are basically the same adapter but the former does not allow uploading to the public directory. Eventually it will be deprecated and replaced with a single Public Storage Adapter to avoid confusion in naming.

What's next?

While we near the close of the 3.7 release cycle we are starting to focus our resources on 4.0 and a new addon marketplace which is very exciting. More information to come.

Why so long?

The 3.7 release brought a couple hefty features but one in particular was very difficult to nail down given the nature of PyroCMS and it's design. Versioning was an absolute beast and ended up rewritten 3 times (the original UI namespace classes hold the record of 4 rewrites back in 3.0).

I've also been putting a tremendous amount of energy into documentation and the documentation UI which will come in with 4.0 and the site refresh. The current and 4.0 structure are incompatible. We've been working on the marketplace and also a lot of deployment automation work which is also forthcoming in 4.0. In general 3.7 has taken a hit as the work load has very much been one foot in the present and one foot in the future. Both of which are drawing closer together.


- Ryan