Slider Field Type v3.0

Ryan Thompson Releases

We have updated the Slider field type to use native range sliders! Here's what's up:

Slider Field Type

Removed Dependencies

In a perfect world our javascript plugins would be 100% native or possibly Vue. The 2.x version of the Slider field type depended on jQuery, jQuery UI (slider) and required touch-punch for mobile support which seems to have recently stopped working.. gnarly.

So we replaced the dependencies with NO dependencies!

Fixed Mobile Support

Being a native range HTML5 input we have consistent mobile support.

Dropped Dual Selection

HTML5 range inputs do not support dual range points on a single slider. So we were forced to drop the feature. I personally have never used it but if you require this functionality you can definitely still include the 2.x version in your project's composer.json file.

Another alternative would be using two inputs (integer/decimal/text) to handle the job as they can represent min/max type behavior more clearly.


All you need to do is update your project's composer.json to require the new version.

- Ryan