Streams Module v1.3

Ryan Thompson Releases

We have cleaned up customization and added a beefy new feature to the Streams Module.


To update your existing Streams Module simply change your constraint to use "~1.3.*" then composer update. Lastly you will need to migrate the addon by running php artisan migrate --addon=anomaly.module.streams.

To install simply follow the installation instructions:

Note this is a v3.5 addon only as it requires Streams Platform v1.4


Virtualization let's you turn a namespace into a virtual module. Complete with it's own spot in the main navigation, icon, sections per stream, and permissions per stream.

{{ img('local://posts/streams-module-v1.3-virtualization.jpg')|raw }}


The old allowed roles field has been removed and now streams support full CRUD permissions.


Customization for UI has been streamlined into namespace.php configuration files.


We've started documenting the addon as well: