Users Module v2.4

Ryan Thompson Releases

We have made some feature additions to the Users module and releasing v2.4! Let's take a look at what's new.

Dependency Update

Users module v2.4 is once again supporting Streams Platform 1.2 which means you can use it in all of your Pyro 3.3 installations.

Online Users

Online Users

We have added a view to the users table showing online users only.

Reset Requests

Reset User

You can now reset users (invalidate current password and send notification to reset it) directly from the control panel. This action relies on a permission.

Login as Users

Login as User

You can now login as other users via the control panel and impersonate them. Admins can not be impersonated and the action is again permission based.


To upgrade change your composer.json to include 2.4 like this.

- Ryan