You can download this addon by requiring it with composer:

composer require anomaly/blocks-module

You can also download this addon via the Addons module.


You can install this addon with the addon:install command:

php artisan addon:install anomaly.module.blocks

The second way is to use the module:install command:

php artisan module:install blocks

The Blocks module comes installed with PyroCMS out of the box.{.tip}

Suggested Addons

It is suggested that you also install a couple basic blocks as well:


The WYSIWYG block extension provides Pyro's WYSIWYG editor:

composer require anomaly/wysiwyg_block-extension

php artisan addon:install anomaly.extension.wysiwyg_block

HTML Block

The HTML block extension provides Pyro's HTML editor:

composer require anomaly/html_block-extension

php artisan addon:install anomaly.extension.html_block-extension