Upgrade Guide

Upgrading to 2.2.0 From 1.1

Estimated Upgrade Time: 10 - 15 Minutes

We attempt to document every possible change. Since some of these changes are in obscure parts of the API only a portion of these changes may actually affect your application.{.notice}

Backup Forum

The first thing we want to do is backup the forum tables. The following tables should be backed up as SQL with values only. No table structure - data only.

  • forum_channels
  • forum_channels_translations
  • forum_comments
  • forum_discussions
  • forum_participation

Update Constraint

Next update your composer constraints to something along the lines of "anomaly/forum-module": "~2.2.0" or the likes and run composer update.


Next, simply reinstall the addon without the seed option.

php artisan addon:reinstall forum

Modify Schema

Next, we need to make a couple small modifications to the new schema so that our import works.


Add an int column called user_id to the forum_comments table.


Add a varchar (255) column called subscription to the forum_participation table.


Next import the exported data we did in the first step.

Update Counts

Add the following to your routes/console.php file:

    function (\Anomaly\ForumModule\Discussion\Contract\DiscussionRepositoryInterface $discussions) {
        foreach ($discussions->all() as $discussion) {

            $discussion->setAttribute('view_count', $discussion->participants->count());
            $discussion->setAttribute('comment_count', $discussion->comments->count());


            $this->info("Updated discussion [{$discussion->getId()}]");

Then run php artisan forum:update. You can remove this code when it fiishes.

Finishing Up

Next run the following queries to update defaults in existing data:

UPDATE {application}_forum_participation SET following = true WHERE subscription = 'follow'
UPDATE {application}_forum_discussions SET approved = true
UPDATE {application}_forum_comments SET approved = true