Upgrade Guide

Upgrading to 2.2.0 From 1.1

Estimated Upgrade Time: 10 - 15 Minutes

We attempt to document every possible change. Since some of these changes are in obscure parts of the API only a portion of these changes may actually affect your application.

Backup Forum

The first thing we want to do is backup the forum tables. The following tables should be backed up as SQL with values only. No table structure - data only.

  • forum_channels
  • forum_channels_translations
  • forum_comments
  • forum_discussions
  • forum_participation

Update Constraint

Next update your composer constraints to something along the lines of "anomaly/forum-module": "~2.2.0" or the likes and run composer update.


Next, simply reinstall the addon without the seed option.

php artisan addon:reinstall forum

Modify Schema

Next, we need to make a couple small modifications to the new schema so that our import works.


Add an int column called user_id to the forum_comments table.


Add a varchar (255) column called subscription to the forum_participation table.


Next import the exported data we did in the first step.

Update Counts

Add the following to your routes/console.php file:

    function (\Anomaly\ForumModule\Discussion\Contract\DiscussionRepositoryInterface $discussions) {
        foreach ($discussions->all() as $discussion) {

            $discussion->setAttribute('view_count', $discussion->participants->count());
            $discussion->setAttribute('comment_count', $discussion->comments->count());


            $this->info("Updated discussion [{$discussion->getId()}]");

Then run php artisan forum:update. You can remove this code when it fiishes.

Finishing Up

Next run the following queries to update defaults in existing data:

UPDATE {application}_forum_participation SET following = true WHERE subscription = 'follow'
UPDATE {application}_forum_discussions SET approved = true
UPDATE {application}_forum_comments SET approved = true