Below is the full configuration available with defaults values:

"example" => [
    "type"   => "anomaly.field_type.tags",
    "config" => [
        "min"           => null,
        "max"           => null,
        "options"       => [],
        "filter"        => null,
        "default_value" => null,
        "handler"       => "Anomaly\TagsFieldType\[email protected]"
Key Example Description
min 2 The minimum number of allowed tags.
max 2 The maximum number of allowed tags.
options ["foo", "bar"] An array of available options.
enforce_options false Should we only allow supplied options.
filter FILTER_VALIDATE_EMAIL A validation filter to apply. Valid options are `FILTER_VALIDATE_EMAIL`, `FILTER_VALIDATE_URL`, and `FILTER_VALIDATE_IP`.
default_value ["foo"] The default value.
handler App\[email protected] The options handler.