Below is the full configuration available with defaults values:

"example" => [
    "type"   => "anomaly.field_type.text",
    "config" => [
        "type"          => "text",
        "mask"          => null,
        "min"           => null,
        "max"           => null,
        "default_value" => null,
Key Example Description
type password The input type. Valid options are `text` (default), `password`, `email`, and `tel`.
mask (999) 999-9999 The input mask definition. See for more information.
min 10 The minimum length value allowed.
max 20 The maximum length value allowed.
show_counter true Define whether to show the character length counter or not. If `max` is defined the counter will show characters remaining.
default_value [email protected] The default value.