Adding First Name and Last Name to register form
Created 6 years ago by kiltedup


When using /register you get Display Name, User Name Email and Password as the fields as they are the ones defined in the Register Form Builder.

What's the 'recommended' approach to adding First Name and Last Name to this form?



piterden  —  6 years ago

Either, if you are da real hardcoder, you could override the register form builder PHP class.

kiltedup  —  6 years ago

Thanks - that’s how I have done it (using examples in that guide you shared).

Was really just checking if there was a “recommended” way of doing it. All good.

Not tried overriding the reg form though. Will try that way as well.


ryanthompson  —  6 years ago

You can use fields() method inline - but be sure to include the other fields listen in the RegisterFormBuilder - then just add your own.

Personally.. I think either way is fine. I usually only like to use *, more fields when those * fields are OK but in this case the register form builder is a fraction of the fields on the user stream. So I would pry override the class (bind my own to register).. Just cause it seems more robust.