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Created 7 years ago by adnan

Hey everyone,

Making a decision to switch from Github Atom IDE, (which I LOVE) to Facebook Nuclide, I heard of the later just last night so I am wondering if anyone here had an experience with that and / or any other Facebook open source projects?

The nice thing about Nuclide is that, it's built on top of Atom (phew) and comes with support for Flow, and Hack, which are kind of "typed" versions of Javascript and PHP. Nuclide provides really nice-to-have features out of the box like type checking, auto-complete, connecting to remote servers and other native mobile development stuff.

Final point, .. since we, Pyro 3 developers are also part of the larger Laravel community, and we know that Vue.js, have been supported actively, is there a discussion to be had about whether Pryo 3 would also support Vue.js for building single page apps (SPA) or would we go for something more mainstream like React or Angular 1 / 2?

I personally liked and used Vue.js for the claims I've been hearing about its simplicity and performance which I never verified, until last night (all happened last night hh). For smaller SPA projects I guess it does make sense to use Vue.js, there are good docs, examples, and a buzzing community, but if you want to build large applications you'll be left to your own devices, which is fine except it would take considerably more time. On the other hand React.js has a larger community and much more resources put into its development and not to mention an army of Facebook developers feeding the beast hh

Sorry for ranting on, .. I hope there's something useful to take away, and of-course would love to hear any thoughts on the points I made above,

Many thanks,

ryanthompson  —  7 years ago

@adnan Just my two cents - but why either?

TL;DR; I am a PHPStorm man..

BUT.. I have given Atom a serious shot. I used it for a month - set up all these companions and packages to autocomplete and at the end of the month what I realized is that, while I liked the feel of Atom. I liked feeling like it was snappy as hell.. I was trying to make it like PHPStorm.

The packages can take the IDE a LONG way.. but in the end it seriously falls short from an IDE that truly helps you work better / faster IMHO. PHPStorm autocompletion is second to none and it's extensible. So you can add support for your other languages. But the things that PHPStorm does well out of the box (even key mapping) can quickly trounce Atom. And what I liked from Atom I easily changed in PHPStorm (I added a few keymaps and added one small addon for PHPStorm).

So after working for a month with it - then finally getting tired of it - and going back to PHPStorm it's just better IMO. I can write more code, better code, format faster and with tighter control. The PSR support alone is just killer.

But.. considering you're talking about JS and other languages but your standard stack. You might want to look up the addons available there. That could be a game changer. But in my experience PHPStorm is just a beast mode IDE and really helps me get krunk when I need to 😊

jcastillotx  —  7 years ago

I have been using IntelliJ IDEA and in the same boat as Ryan.

adnan  —  7 years ago

Thanks @ryanthompson, @jcastillotx .. and Ryan the mentions work great, awesome job! I too have used PHPStorm, it's too good to the point of overwhelming .. but kinda restrictive if you're building with other languages, .. I installed Nuclide yesterday, and doesn't seem much different to what Atom provides out of the box, or I probably haven't yet used all there's to offer, Will report back once I learn more about it,