conflict when trying to create a tags migrations for a tags addon (tags-module)
Created 7 years ago by endder

Hi, I might be going about this all wrong. but, I have created a tags-module as I want a section for users to be able to create tags.

first artisan command works fine.

php artisan make:addon anomaly.module.tags

its created the tags-modules and we are looking good.

when I run the next command to create the steam it puts the migration file in the migrations folder for the tags-field_type.

php artisan make:stream tags tags

so if I look in core/anormaly/tags-field_type/migrations there is my migration file. but it's in the wrong place.

how can I create the stream migration to end up in my tags-modules addon?


piterden  —  7 years ago Best Answer

I suppose, if you create a module, then you need:

php artisan make:stream tags anomaly.module.tags

But in which connection field_type is here?

UPD: Apparently, command do some wrong actions when receives wrong argument...

piterden  —  7 years ago

What version of Pyro do you use? In 3.2-3.3 you will catch an exception if try enter php artisan make:stream tags tags command. This part of code:

        if (!$addon = $addons->get($addon)) {
            throw new \Exception("The addon [{$this->argument('addon')}] could not be found.");
ryanthompson  —  7 years ago

You're technically using shorthand when you don't specify the full dot namespace.

Using @piterden first example should do the job.

endder  —  7 years ago

thanks @piterden and @ryanthompson for your feedback