Extending some things
Created 7 years ago by dwains


I'm new to Pyro and I already love it. I watched all the series and currently i'm working on a own theme. Everything is working well, only I have some questions.

I want to extend the admin page module. I want to make a extra function to use a gridmanager so I can use bootstrap columns and design in the page content. (this module http://jquer.in/javascript-frameworks-for-developing-rich-applications/grid-manager/) How can I do this the best so I can make a own module who extends the default admin page module and place it own my own git so I can load it in my pyro cms projects from different clients.


ryanthompson  —  7 years ago

Hello! Thanks for checking out Pyro. I am really glad you like it 😊

This, in my opinion, screams field type! In fact, I have a blocks field type that will be available shortly that will allow a visual creation of stacked dynamic content. BUT.. by all means build your own! It will help you learn.

This will be a pretty hefty field type since it will have advanced storage techniques including multiple columns and likely a pivot table

If you want - you could get in early on Pyro PRO. In which case you would have access to all our private addons and in that case I would suggest checking out partials for one.. streams maybe.. there's a lot of different ways to go about it. If you're interested shoot me an email!

PS if you opt for building your own feel free to post more here 😊 Check out the multiple field type and pry the datetime since it handles multiple inputs per field.