Reasons to switch from Wordpress to PyroCMS
Created 6 years ago by william

I have seen many ask for arguments regarding this when talking to clients. So i thought a thread would be great to collect the top reasons! Keep them coming!

emergingdzns  —  6 years ago
  1. PyroCMS is not a giant BULLSEYE to hackers because it's not full of security holes.
  2. PyroCMS is a million times more extensible. WP shoehorns you into developing based on their custom query language that is limiting and half-baked. PyroCMS allows you to use raw php/sql, or Laravel eloquent, or Pyro functions. You aren't locked in.
  3. You can actually talk to the developer of Pyro (@ryanthompson)! Good luck reaching a WP developer... ever.
  4. More money is spent by clients having crappy/hacked WP websites rebuilt in another platform than was actually spent building the WP sites in the first place.
emergingdzns  —  6 years ago

@ryanthompson you can delete this if you want... Wordpress is like a 78 prostitute with a unibrow, 8 missing teeth, eyes that sag down to her chin and walks with a pronounce limp due to having a dead foot. Sure, it'll get the job done but you probably won't be happy afterwards... PyroCMS is the unicorn. Marriage material. Put a ring on it and be forever happy.

carsonsuite  —  6 years ago

LOL Word Press. The scum between my toes.

There are so many terrible things to say about Word Press, but Redwax covers more bases then I probably would list off the top of my head. My favorite WP Sucks article from 2017:


  1. Its a real CMS, not a blog manager (that has plugins to do a little more)
  2. PYRO is a complete thought, well developed with a set of principles, developer standards, consistency.
  3. It's easy to build custom add-ons that are built to manage all types of content with ease. Design not only a frontend theme, but a CMS designed for it's content. Make site updates easy.... PYRO CMS never WP.
  4. Stock PYRO gives you more features and quality than stock WP.
  5. It's a Win, Win, Win for all users. The most developer friendly CMS. The most content manager/site administer friendly CMS. The most client pleasing CMS. Results for everyone.

When people say they use WP haha..... Get a real CMS.

ryanthompson  —  6 years ago

So I really don't have a ton of experience with WP outside of trying to fix it but my goals in building Pyro are such that they kinda define what is missing for me in WP..

I want a system that is built on trusted standards and patterns. So when I need to do something with the API I know exactly what to expect. Pyro is built on the Streams Platform which is a platform basically filled with patterns and design. So everything tends to work the same and be extremely consistent - despite being in various addons. A decent PHP IDE helps fill in gaps by hinting. All is well.

WP on the other hand, as a professional developer, diving into some projects to try and help out I could not make heads nor tails of how WP works in concept. So many things that are unique to WP and only WP made it difficult to understand. Functions everywhere.. Thankfully PHPstorm helps find those functions but the design behind it and how it works seems like any developer worth their weight would run for the hills instead of use Wordpress. So it usually (I would assume) comes down to money.

And speaking of money - I like that I can make money with Pyro as a developer. I can custom fit a bespoke solution using rapid development and PRO addons to make something stable, version controlled, composer organized, and worth the client paying for in their eyes.. Seems like WP stuff is always a race to the bottom. And flexibility usually lacks with store bought addons without hacking things to pieces which I have not once done on Pyro.. Which is why I can update a v3-beta1 site in about 10 minutes to v3.4 and a v3.3 site to v3.4 in 30 seconds. A lot of Wordpress sites I've worked with cannibalize themselves before I get a chance to see what's happening.

So as a developer - I want to work on interesting things that pay well. And those clients don't want / can't use Wordpress. So having a top notch alternative to truly build (and not simply assemble) something nice is great.

At the end of the day though - the old adage is true if you ask me. The right tool for the job. IMO though Pyro is the right tool for the vast majority of jobs by far. And for everything else - I don't really care lol. Cause it's not likely worth any time or money.

Random thoughts :-/