Changing field type
Created 2 years ago by kiltedup


I have a field in a stream that was added as a text field type. Can anyone point me to the correct way to change the field type to be a textarea while preserving the entries that have already been added.



ryanthompson  —  2 years ago

Right now there is no good way to do it. I have an open issue on Github and will be implementing it into the next version.

If it's a simple enough move you can do this manually.

  1. Find the field in your streams_fields table and update the type.
  2. Update the column type as needed.
  3. Run php artisan streams:compile to update your generated entry models.

Hope this helps!

kiltedup  —  2 years ago

Thanks Ryan,

Job for next week so will try what you suggested.

kiltedup  —  2 years ago


That worked - cheers.