EntryDatesParser not found
Created 7 years ago by intenzive

Hello, when tried to assign a recently created field in types I am getting an error:

Symfony \ Component \ Debug \ Exception \ FatalThrowableError (E_ERROR) Class 'Anomaly\Streams\Platform\Entry\Parser\EntryDatesParser' not found

public function handle(Filesystem $files, Parser $parser, Application $application) { $data = [ 'class' => (new EntryClassParser())->parse($this->stream), 'title' => (new EntryTitleParser())->parse($this->stream), 'table' => (new EntryTableParser())->parse($this->stream), 'rules' => (new EntryRulesParser())->parse($this->stream), 'dates' => (new EntryDatesParser())->parse($this->stream), 'stream' => (new EntryStreamParser())->parse($this->stream), 'trashable' => (new EntryTrashableParser())->parse($this->stream), 'relations' => (new EntryRelationsParser())->parse($this->stream), 'namespace' => (new EntryNamespaceParser())->parse($this->stream), 'field_slugs' => (new EntryFieldSlugsParser())->parse($this->stream), 'searchable' => (new EntrySearchableParser())->parse($this->stream), 'relationships' => (new EntryRelationshipsParser())->parse($this->stream), 'translation_model' => (new EntryTranslationModelParser())->parse($this->stream), 'translated_attributes' => (new EntryTranslatedAttributesParser())->parse($this->stream), 'translation_foreign_key' => (new EntryTranslationForeignKeyParser())->parse($this->stream), ];

    $template = file_get_contents(__DIR__ . '/../../../resources/stubs/models/entry.stub');

"Class 'Anomaly\Streams\Platform\Entry\Parser\EntryDatesParser' not found"

I have checked in stream parser and the class is actually missing? That's strange? Isn't it. It is a new installation with latest version. Any help will be appreciated.

ryanthompson  —  7 years ago

What version of PHP are you using?

intenzive  —  7 years ago

OK. I have installed with composer and everything went well but when I checked in github master branch the file was on the right place. I don't know why did this happened. Is there a way to sync with master via composer on the current project? Just to be sure nothing else is missing?

intenzive  —  7 years ago

PHP 7.0.14 (cli) (built: Dec 29 2016 23:24:52) ( NTS )

ryanthompson  —  7 years ago

Ah no sorry don't use the master branch.

composer create-project per the documentation is the best way to get started.

I have a knack for not always keeping master branches 100% up to date because of the different version work happening.

intenzive  —  7 years ago

Yep, that's the way I started this project and this happened. Anyway, thank's for the fast reply. Have a great day. And something else, that's a great platform you've made. Congrats!

ryanthompson  —  7 years ago

Thank you!