edster - 1 year ago

So I have a stream of sections, and a stream of properties.

I need a price field/data associated for each section per property.

I have a multiple select configured on properties -> sections, which creates the relation table, but I don't know how to get the associative data with it.


ryanthompson - 1 year ago

It's a BelongsToMany so you can use create / sync / etc just like you would with Laravel.

You can also do this which is NOT possible in Laravel - and kinda handy: https://pyrocms.com/documentation/multiple-field-type/latest#usage/setting-values

edster - 1 year ago

But how do you add the column to the piviot table? Should a field be added? If so how would you go about doing that as it isn't a stream?

If you just add a column, how do you go about making sure it is decorated properly?