Programmatically fill file field fype
Created 7 years ago by hugogilmar


I'm working on an old news website migration to PyroCMS. I've already imported all posts data to PyroCMS Post stream.

I've a problem, I need to fill an aditional File type field (cover photo) adden on posts. I don't understand how to programmatically set a file field type stream for a model. Reading the documentation I've found that file field type can be set with a file instance (I asume is an Eloquent model instance).

This is how I'm setting post model on import process:

$post = $this->post->create(
                              'es' => [
                                  'title' => $article->titulo,
                                  'summary' => $article->encabezado,
                              'slug' => $slug,
                              'created_at' => $article->fecha,
                              'updated_at' => $article->fecha,
                              'publish_at' => time(),
                              'enabled' => true,
                              'type' => $type,
                              'entry' => $content,
                              'category' => $category,
                              'author' => 1,

What I'm targeting into is, that this images should be later be updated from PyroCMS admin interface, so I wan't to emulate/follow the same process with disk/folder storage used in PyroCMS. My files are stored in a temporary folder for import process.

Thanks for your help.

ryanthompson  —  7 years ago

Set the value to a collection of files:

$page->files = $collection;
ryanthompson  —  7 years ago

Or use the relation methods like sync or attach (it's a native laravel relation):