Simple Text Repeater
Created 5 years ago by pooria


Is there any way to omit 'related' config from 'repeater' field type and only have simple text field?

pooria  —  5 years ago

Although I could not find anything in the docs about Repeater Module that is there in the admin menu, I found it by trial and error that I can create a Repeater (with slug of new_field) and assign a text field to it (Although it made a large ugly repeater) And in my stream migration I typed:

'articles'          => [
            'type'  => 'anomaly.field_type.repeater',
            'config'    => [
                'related'   => 'repeater.new_field'

But I think there should be a better way.

pooria  —  5 years ago

And the problem here is that it is not translatable 🙍