Installer folder is absent in the pyrocms directory
Created 6 years ago by sumithsuku11

I have issue occurred while installing the pyrocms in the linux/lamb environment . I have intsalled the composer in the /.composer/vendor/bin directory and there i can see the installer directory. And after i installed the pyrocms via composer in the var/www directory. composer create-project pyrocms/pyrocms Pyrocms folder and its files created but i can not see any installer directory there. Please help me why this happening how to run the installation http://localhost/pyrocms/installer ? in the url

huglester  —  6 years ago

Installer is not a directory, it's a module. it's routed via laravels router. It's main directory is inside: core/anomaly/installer-module.

try: localhost/installer localhost/pyrocms/installer but all these locations depend on your local environment...

sumithsuku11  —  6 years ago

Yes , but it shows "not found" error . Actually the pyrocms folders is there in var/www/pyrocms . Should i install larravel seperatly ?

g2013testatgmailcom  —  6 years ago

Me also have the same issue. This PyroCMS is eating my head for days. Anyone please help? What I did is, I followed the official tutorial of PyroCMS ,

Composer installed successfully. And a folder ".composer" created in the root of my system(Home). When I tried to install PyroCMS, using the command "composer create-project pyrocms/pyrocms" , a folder "pyrocms" has been created in my /var/www/ folder. I wanted to access the PyroCMS using the link http://localhost/pyrocms . But When I took the link, it gets lists files and folders of that particular folder. The link is not at all working and i am not redirecting to http://localhost/pyrocms/installer

What is wrong with the instructions provided in the doc? I have no idea. Really need help. Please.

ryanthompson  —  6 years ago

Sounds like maybe your server is not configured to rewrite index.php for "pretty" URLs.

Check this out - maybe it will help 😊

sumithsuku11  —  6 years ago

Could you please clarify ? are you mentioned about the virtual hosts ? I am using ubuntu, LAMP enviorment.