Scheduling Tasks in an Addon

failcookie - 5 months ago

I have a task that needs to run on a daily basis (3am at night). It's all tied to a specific addon. It's a pretty simple task - at 3am, it will call a job that will parse through files and upload documents. In Laravel, I would jump into the Console/Kernel and add a $schedule->daily to the list. How do I go about this same process in Pyro?

ryanthompson - 5 months ago

You can define them in config/streams.php but it's pry best to do them in your addon service provider (doc was missing - just added):

failcookie - 5 months ago

Perfect! I saw you posted daily - does it support similar options as the Laravel task scheduling? (

I'm more specifically looking at certain times of the day to run like dailyAt('3:00')

EDIT: What do I put in the class file to make sure it gets called? I did something like this just to make sure it was working, but I am guessing that is not proper.

public function getName()