Storing User Data - Editable and Non-editable Fields
Created 7 years ago by failcookie

I need to extend the user module to pull in user information from a third party source and allow for editable fields, similar to a standard user profile. This will be for an intranet application, so you can imagine how "robust" the amount of editable fields will be and keeping it organized. Most of this will be handled in the frontend with a custom form for users to edit their profile, but keeping those editable fields in the backend.

Yes, I could use fields in the backend, but I need all of this to transfer between dev environments and we are looking at potentially 30+ fields, so I am trying to save some headache in the future.

My thought process was creating an extension addon to grab into the User stream and add the fields that I need that will be editable and unlocked for assignment (profile picture, hometown, birth date, etc) and then add the fields that will be non-editable and locked for assignment (hidden). Does this sound like an accurate plan? Then I should be able to reach into the model for the frontend form.

piterden  —  7 years ago

You could write migration with 30+ fields for user module, to move in to any other environment. You could use standard Laravel (Eloquent) toolkit for hide fields from arrays, either you could use FormBuilder stuff, if your users would have access to Control Panel.

failcookie  —  7 years ago

As long as I don't declare an assignment and a field is locked, then it's really just "hidden", correct?

ryanthompson  —  7 years ago

Ya only unlocked fields show in the "Custom fields" area of the form