pyrocms missing theme files

alphad123 - 2 months ago

Our custom theme files have disappeared but the other folders like images and files are still there. Is that even possible? If so, what would cause that to occur?

piterden - 2 months ago

Our custom theme files have disappeared

What you mean?

alphad123 - 2 months ago

We are looking for the folder: public_html/system/cms/themes/name of our folder and it's missing. It was there yesterday and no one deleted it. Am I right to assume that pyrocms creates a new folder along with our files along with the standard DEFAULT AND PYROCMS in the THEMES folder?

alphad123 - 2 months ago

I'm getting this error when trying to goto the home page

An Error Was Encountered This site has been set to use an admin theme that does not exist.

alphad123 - 2 months ago

does anyone know how to reconfigure to set the default theme?

piterden - 2 months ago

I don't understand what you mean, sorry. Maybe you confuse the forum?

public_html/system/cms/themes/name I see this first time.

Themes in Pyro can be placed in several folders, but anyway the theme is a streams-addon. I guess, you are not talking about the streams-addon, saying "theme".

You can easily create theme in Pyro with help of artisan command:

$ php artisan make:addon {vendor}.theme.{slug}

Where {vendor} is your name, and {slug} is your theme slug.